Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

In almost any old jungle movie, if someone is trying to escape, you can bet that soon, they’ll be falling in quicksand!  Do you remember?  The unfortunate victim of that killer mud would panic as they seemed to be sucked down by an invisible monster.  Yes, right before everyone’s eyes, it always appeared as if they were about to die…and there was nothing anyone could do.

Thankfully, in real life, there is always something we can do.  The trick wise people have found is simply to do anything instead of nothing!

Even quicksand can be conquered. In reality, quicksand is merely supersaturated sand or loose soil that is positioned above a spring.  Without air, the sand becomes frictionless and will not support weight.  

In reality, this is just sandy water.  And even if it were only water, one would still be able to float!

So that is the answer to getting out of quicksand…. Relax, allow yourself to float, and roll toward the edge.  

It’s the same formula high achievers use when they sometimes find themselves in the quicksand of daily life. They don’t panic.  Instead, they force themselves to relax and act as if they are floating above it all.  Slowly, their understanding of resistance allows them to lead their family or coworkers out of danger.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in calming yourself in order to ease to safety during troubled situations.  

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