Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

When you hear the word service, what first comes to mind?

Is it a funeral service? What about a mechanic servicing your car? The service that might be thought of last, but certainly not least, would be service…to those with whom you come in contact on a daily basis.

Perhaps you think of yourself as a charitable person or patriotic, but are you of service to those around you?

We can all keep an eye out for the needs of a neighbor. Does an elderly acquaintance need a ride to the store…or for an appointment? Perhaps there are garbage cans that could easily be taken from the street back to a neighbor’s house?

When’s the last time you did something like that?

You could become a person who commits themselves to the service of others.  You might just become the catalyst of a growing movement of people looking for ways to help one another.

Here’s an interesting question:  When would TODAY be a good time to start noticing opportunities to help someone else?  

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in serving others. 

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  1. David and Shelley Hess

    Peace of Wisdom, Service, resonates with every single fibre of who David and I are, and certainly who and what we were created to be.

    ÁND…. do YOU know how much you blessed us in allowing, accepting what we had to offer? Words fall far short in expressing!

    May the Lord grant us further opportunity.

    Meanwhile, right here in our home, serving one another in infinite tiny ways…. and then beyond the doorstep…

    Such encouragement!!!

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