Peace of Wisdom
Spiraling Out of Control

By Andy Andrews

You’re not a tornado, are you? Oh, good! So you agree it would be unproductive to spiral out of control?

Well…. Have you ever considered your inner mechanism one might refer to as your “personal weather report?”

It’s a real thing, I assure you! You may not have a guy named Keith Frostbite whispering in your ear, but you can pay attention to your patterns, just like a meteorologist watches the radar.

Life is full of patterns, and you know the ones that send danger signals.  There are indicators Accuweather recognizes to urge you into the basement…and there are indicators about which we can be aware that tell us, “It’s time to stop talking and take a breath.”

At that vulnerable moment, when tornadic activity becomes a possibility–when your emotions begin to spiral toward fear and anxiety, you can spot the clouds forming overhead and purposefully move to a safer location.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom calls for sunshine and blue skies.



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