Peace of Wisdom
The Blessing of a Helping Hand

By Andy Andrews

A friend recently shared a valuable lesson he learned as a child. He and his dad were headed for the dumpster one afternoon with a couple bags of trash. A neighbor, running the same errand, noticed and graciously stopped and offered to take theirs. 

Not wanting to be a bother, my friend said “no thank you” and continued walking. Later, his dad used the incident to teach his boy a lesson. 

“Son, when someone offers to be a blessing, don’t take that away from them – next time someone offers to help with your trash, it’s okay to say yes.”

Most of the time, when people offer to lend a helping hand, it’s not because they feel sorry for you, or obligated to help. They just want to be a blessing!  

What about you? How does it feel when you offer to return an elderly gentleman’s grocery cart or hold the door open for that young mom who’s got her arms full? Maybe you paid it forward in the line at your local coffee shop…just because. Puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in not only blessing others with a helping hand, but in not robbing others of the blessings they offer!