Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

I recently read the story of an exhausted firefighter who fell asleep at the wheel on his way home after a long, difficult shift, crashing his car just four miles from home. 

The accident took the life of a young pregnant mother, and injured her little girl. 

A short time later, her husband – a pastor – says a young parishioner requested prayer for the driver. Her request compelled him to consider practicing something he’d preached about many times before, but had yet to choose for himself – forgiveness. 

You forgive as you’ve been forgiven, he’d taught…but could he ever really forgive the man responsible for killing his wife and unborn child?

The driver faced jail time, so the pastor began by approaching the court to request a lighter sentence, insisting he didn’t want to see yet another life ruined by this tragedy. His desire to encourage the young man grew. In time, his request was granted, and the driver was given a fine and community service. Once the case was closed, the two had the opportunity to meet, eventually forging a strong friendship that continues, inspiring countless others. 

I’m Andy Andrews…

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in choosing forgiveness.