The Way I See It
What If?
with Mike Rayburn

Guitar virtuoso Mike Rayburn simplifies the concept of INNOVATION. In this short video, he explains how YOU can harness the power waiting to be unleashed by two simple words: What if?

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  1. David and Shelley Hess

    WOW! So… What If!


    That is dynamite to listen to and absorb!!

    Round two in a couple minutes with David once he’s finished his stretches!

    I presumed Wisdom Harbour was going to have worthwhile content, but Andy and team, you are knockin’ it right outta the park! Seriously!!!

    I thrive on positive truths that are consistently changing my thoughts and life for better.

    That’s a daily search and seize, very purposeful mission.

    And more so with each new day I’m given.

    In that light alone, Wisdom Harbour is thee most incredible gift, which just keeps on giving!!!

    I pray these words of encouragement succeed in giving back even just a tiny bit to you all!

    From an extremely grateful heart,


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