The Way I See It

Featuring Captains from all backgrounds, The Way I See It provides fresh perspective on a myriad of topics — some serious, some funny, and others in between!

Goal Setting? Well…

A special delivery for your New Year! From our The Way I See It Dock, Andy Andrews has a take on goals you don’t want to miss. Trust us…you haven’t heard THIS about the tradition of goal-setting before. Here is some information you can put to use right now. Andy’s title for this piece: Goal Setting…? Not So Much.

1964 Sears Catalog

At 1,715 pages, the Sears catalog had everything the families of 1964 needed for style, comfort and entertainment. Grab a seat by the coffee table, and flip through the past with Leslie Anne Tarabella.

I Was There…with Elvis Presley

Have you ever wanted the inside scoop or wished you could be a fly on the wall? Well, here’s your chance! Listen as recording artist TG Shepard relates one of the most fascinating life stories of all time: I Was There…with Elvis Presley!

Generation Conversations | Episode 6: Creating Your Perfect Career

Wishing for the ideal career? Here’s how to create the perfect one for YOU! Andy is back in the hot seat, and this time he’s providing 3 simple steps that anyone can follow to determine what they would do if money was not a factor, and how they can turn that into a profession. Might you—or someone you know—benefit from this unknown, but incredibly valuable process?

I Was There…at Auschwitz

Watch and listen as Rose Schindler talks about growing up in Czechoslovakia and how things began to change for Jews when she was a young girl. In just a few short years, she and her family were required to relocate by train to a place unknown—the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Generation Conversations | Episode 5: Jealousy and Comparison

Jealousy and comparison—it’s not just a generational issue, it’s a human issue. Emily Isbell (Gen Z) and Dan Stone (Gen X) dive into these topics while exploring their place in social media. Is it all bad? Can some of it be good? It’s a delicate balance that is ultimately determined by the value you place on yourself.

Newton’s Law

There are a million great reasons why it’s not the right time to get moving. What are you waiting to do? In this lesson, Dan Stone unpacks Newton’s Law and how this same law of physics also applies to your life. Today is the day to get in motion!

Romance and Dishwashers

Knives up or knives down? There’s more than one way to load a dishwasher…or is there? Leslie Anne Tarabella recalls the lockdown of 2020 and how her husband’s dishwashing antics nearly put her over the edge!

Turning Point

Has your life been moving in a direction that doesn’t feel right? Maybe you need a course correction! Dr. Mark Foley unpacks an incredible and heroic story about Rear Admiral Wade McClusky and his major role in the Battle of Midway during WWII.

I Was There With Robert Mueller—Director of the FBI, Gerry Adams—Head of the IRA, and…the Brighton Bomber

Have you ever wondered if our society has “crossed the rubicon?” Do you ever watch the news and have thoughts of “all downhill from here?” Is there a concept or principle we don’t understand…something we can do that has been overlooked? I believe the answer is “yes,” and I WAS THERE the day a story of bombs, lies, and espionage came together in a way that changed my life.