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What Conversational Subjects Should I Pursue to Gain Business?

Now, I’m assuming that when you talk about pursuing conversational subjects and gaining business, you’re talking about like when you’re in these business situations, like some chamber of commerce event or some networking meeting that you know, people from all different walks of life are together.

Does Your List of Personal Board Members Ever Change?

Yes, it does occasionally.  I think if you can choose wisely when you’re choosing a personal board of directors.  And you’re choosing these people, you’re finding these people who are better than you are, who have more, who have greater results than you have in certain areas of your life.

What is the purpose of a personal board of directors and why is it important?

A personal board of directors can keep you headed in the direction you said you wanted to go. When you’re thinking was very clear.  Your vision for your future was very clear. The personal board of directors, even when your vision gets clouded, even when you’re tired, a personal board of directors can keep you on task.

Do businesses have their own culture?

Absolutely. Businesses have their own culture. Businesses have their own culture, families have their own culture, a teams have their own culture, towns, communities, neighborhoods have their own culture. And so when you think about it, of course businesses have their own culture.