The Galley Dock is the one you’ve been smelling since you arrived. The Galley is a happy place that offers conversation and the opportunity to learn about preparing great and unusual foods OR some of your favorite foods prepared an unusual way. Culinary fans will be right at home here with chefs that create with precision, on the fly, or entirely with their imaginations. Grab a stool and pull in close!


Join Bob Woodall and Orran Scruggs in The Galley as they embark on a hilarious culinary adventure, transforming Aunt Katie’s Dothan, Alabama-grown eggplants into a masterpiece. With lemons as their secret weapon and improvisation skills that might make you rethink your kitchen tools, this dynamic duo promises a cooking experience filled with laughter, unexpected tips, and mouthwatering results. Ready for some kitchen comedy? Don’t miss this eggplant extravaganza that’s anything but ordinary!

Creamed Sweet Corn

Join Bob Woodall in The Galley for a quick, delightful tutorial on making the perfect creamed sweet corn. Using fresh corn from the farmer’s market and a cherished black iron skillet, Bob shares his simple yet effective method. He expertly balances butter, salt, pepper, and a hint of lemon for a rich, flavorful dish. This recipe is a must for anyone looking to master a Traditional Southern Dish!

Black Beans & Rice with a Twist!

Join Bob Woodall and Orran Scruggs in The Galley for a vibrant cooking adventure! Discover how to elevate the humble black beans and rice into a culinary masterpiece. With their infectious enthusiasm and unique tips, like using colorful peppers and a secret seasoning, this duo turns a simple dish into an irresistible, flavor-packed feast. Fun, educational, and mouth-wateringly delicious – this is a cooking show you don’t want to miss!

Okra, Squash, Green Beans, Oh My!

Dive into a culinary adventure with our charming cook as he transforms humble veggies into a dazzling feast! Join Bob Woodall and witness the magic of okra, zucchini, yellow squash, and green beans, seasoned with wit and sizzle. It’s not just about the chop and char—it’s a kitchen comedy that’ll teach, tantalize, and tickle your funny bone!

Chicken Kabobs

Grab your skewers, veggies and favorite meat! Bob Woodall is showing you how to make kabobs on the grill. These simple ingredients and humble seasonings will leave your mouth watering and hands reaching for more. These chicken kabobs can be substituted for beef or pork and the veggies are up to you! There’s no rules. Just stick ’em and grill ’em…only on The Galley dock.

Summer in a Glass!

You won’t believe what’s stirring at The Galley today! Dive right into a refreshing journey as Orran, our guest mixologist, and Bob Woodall introduce us to a new summer sensation — Watermelon Juice with Grilled Peaches! Juicy watermelons and perfectly grilled peaches (a touch that Bob just couldn’t resist), with a couple of extra secret ingredients…this drink is all about cooling down during the hottest days!

Pork Steaks

From The Galley, Bob Woodall is onto the main course.  This is culinary instruction that will make your mouth water and as you have come to expect, Bob will make you laugh!  This is a BIG guy making BIG food–sizzling, tender, HUGE slices of Boston butt—carefully seasoned into what Bob calls “PORK STEAK!”

Fried Corn Bread

If there is one thing Bob Woodall knows for SURE, it’s how to fry some corn bread. FRIED CORN BREAD???? That’s right, and you do NOT want to miss this. From a simple recipe passed down from Bob’s grandmother, it’s easy, fast, and delicious. So grab your frying pan right now and get ready to prepare a side that’s fit for any meal!

Soupy Chicken & Rice

In this latest addition to The Galley Dock, Bob Woodall is walking you through step-by-step for making what is soon to become a staple in your kitchen—soupy chicken and rice!

Make Couscous

Wes Hampton is a GRAMMY® Award winning vocalist AND a Master Chef. Will he sing while he cooks? Watch and Find out!

Poach an Egg?

Wes Hampton is a GRAMMY® Award winning vocalist AND a Master Chef. Will he sing while he cooks? Watch and Find out!