Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

A caring way of looking at addiction is recognizing it’s an attempt by the nervous system to regulate itself. 

There are all kinds of addictions – alcohol, drugs, over-eating, gambling—even shopping can be addictive.   

What about social media or caffeine? Can they be an addiction? What is addiction, anyway?   The word “addiction” is used to describe the power a particular substance, thing, or activity has been given to alter the behavior of a person.  

How do we know if we’re addicted to something?

Addiction can be powerful, and if it’s able to control your actions, frequently convincing you to act outside your better judgment, morals, or values – then you might need to take a closer look. 

When you develop repeated behavior, become willing to ask yourself how it serves you. Become aware of those behaviors and ask yourself if they are important or not. 

Ask yourself – Is it healthy?  Can I cope with this in a better way? Am I harming myself or someone else? 

If any of those answers give you pause—or even frighten you– then Ask for help! It takes a strong person to admit a need for help. Others know that and greet a request for help with quiet respect. 

Today’s Peace Of Wisdom can be found in learning to recognize the warning signs and humbly asking for help when you need it.  


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