Peace of Wisdom
Civil Discourse

By Andy Andrews

As members of society, we can’t always live in a bubble where we only talk to people who think the same way we do. Since we’re constantly interacting with others, we need the ability to respectfully listen and understand other perspectives…even when we completely disagree.

While it is easier to get angry, frustration doesn’t have to be the end result. Admittedly, the ability to have conversations on topics we oppose takes practice, since our tone, words, and body language can make or break our interactions.

However, when we keep these things in check, we offer ourselves the opportunity to practice empathy and build meaningful connections.

This practice is often referred to as civil discourse – the process of engaging in conversation to enhance understanding. It involves focusing on the situation at hand, respecting the self-esteem of others, and actively listening to understand, rather than to respond.

So, the next time you’re met with an opposing viewpoint, skip the judgment and the name-calling and remember – everyone just wants to be understood.

Give it a go! You might learn something you’ve never considered!

Today’s Peace of Wisdom comes from practicing civil discourse.



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