Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

It’s been said that evil entered into the world through envy. 

William Shakespeare called it “the green eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds upon.”

We feel envious because we perceive someone has something they don’t deserve. It creeps into our lives almost without notice. It starts with little things, as big things always do. And, before we realize it, we’re consumed.

The first murder was the result of envy. Cain killed his brother Abel, because he envied the favor he’d been given—envy perverts everything it touches, even the good. 

Envy has destroyed kingdoms. Julius Caesar was undone by envy. Brutus, his closest ally, motivated by envy took part in the murder of Caesar. The phrase “et tu Brute” is familiar and poignant, uttered by Julius when betrayed by Brutus.

The most beautiful gardens can be quickly choked by weeds – fragrant blooms withered by the life stealing tangles. Envy is a type of weed that spreads quickly and silently, destroying the sweet fragrance of your life. Pull it up by the roots before it chokes your light and your life. 

Today’s Peace Of Wisdom can be found in tearing out the destructive weed of envy. 


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