Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Do you know the definition of flexibility? It is the quality possessed by something that will bend, but not break. Do you think that quality is possible for you?

How about a willingness to change or compromise?

Even the greatest Achievers the world has ever known have experienced times when they had to be flexible. 

After losing an election to the senate in the 1850’s, Abraham Lincoln almost retired from politics altogether. 

Can you imagine what the world would have been like without Lincoln having been willing to compromise? 

It’s almost always hard work, but your life will demand flexibility in many different ways.

It’s always better to be willing to change, than be stuck in your ways! But a willingness to change requires flexibility. And there will come a time when you’ll have the opportunity to see just how flexible you are! Lincoln did…and he changed the world.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in these words:  Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. 



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