Peace of Wisdom
Giving More of Your Best

By Andy Andrews

Deep down, doesn’t everybody want to be happy? I do. 

True happiness doesn’t come in a bottle though… or through our bank accounts. It doesn’t come from activities… or even more friends. The greatest happiness is found, not in getting for ourselves, but in giving to others.

But giving more of what? When you give of yourself to others, are you giving from your best self? The greatest version of you? Or just a shadow of the masterpiece that is you?

All of us have our less-than-stellar days. But when we fall victim to laziness, negativity, and pity parties, we can’t possibly bless others to our maximum ability. When we are less than our best, we give less than our best… and we are all less blessed! 

Eat well, stay positive and get enough rest. Be your best so you can give your best. Others will receive greater blessings and you will experience greater happiness.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in giving more of the best “you” to others. 


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