Peace of Wisdom
Gut Instinct

By Andy Andrews

Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile. He pioneered mass production–the assembly line– making cars more affordable. When he followed his intuition and doubled his employees’ wages, his company grew explosively.

You might call it a hunch.

Remember that job interview? You couldn’t put your finger on exactly why, but you just knew whether you did or did not want to work there.

How about when you had that feeling –  “I need to fill up my gas tank now?” Or, “Maybe I shouldn’t go into debt for this new car.”

What about the date you had with that smart, attractive person who did and said everything just right – but something told you they weren’t the one.

Ever felt a true sense of peace when you believe you’ve done the right thing?

Intuition isn’t rooted in science. Your brain and your gastrointestinal tract, however, are connected. Sometimes that instinct you feel comes from past experiences.

When you feel something in your gut, do some digging. If your hunch is valid, there’ll be a reason behind it – make sure it’s not just fear. Seek wisdom from someone you trust.

I’m not telling you to ignore reason – but don’t dismiss intuition.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom comes from paying attention to your gastro intestinal tract. Ahh…I mean, your gut.



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