Peace of Wisdom
The Push

By Andy Andrews

Mankind wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for something we call the “push,” a steady pressure applied to make something move. 

Since the beginning of time, humans have used the “push” to get what they want. People push seeds in the soil to grow food… push themselves to walk to find water… push stakes in the ground to build shelter. Every push requires effort. But without this basic effort, man would be extinct. 

Women must push to deliver children, and even though I’m not a woman, I know for a fact it isn’t easy! Sometimes they beg to quit. But they don’t. Usually, a mom’s desire to hold her baby is enough motivation to push through the pain. 

The expected outcome from any push is the key to victory. Whatever result you foresee must be worth the hard work. People push when the anticipated profit outweighs the pain.  

What do you want? To get in shape? Make more money? Better your community? The secret to success is your focus. Concentrate on the positive outcome of reaching your goal, so the expected gain outweighs any pain. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in harnessing the power of the “push.”


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