Peace of Wisdom
Guard Your Pearls

By Andy Andrews

The ancient phrase, “don’t cast your pearls before swine,” is a common proverb. It usually means we should refrain from giving something valuable–like our time– to people who can’t appreciate its worth. 

I’ve never seen a pearl given to a pig, but I’d bet the pig would eat the grain all around it and leave the pearl gleaming in the sunlight. It’s not that the pig wouldn’t appreciate the value of the pearl – OBVIOUSLY, it wouldn’t. Pigs don’t appreciate anything! The reason the pig would leave the pearl is because it has no taste and therefore, isn’t valuable – to him.  

Originally this proverb came with a reason why one shouldn’t cast pearls before swine…It stated that The pigs may trample the pearls under their feet…then turn and tear you to pieces!” When I apply this reasoning to people, instead of pigs, I take this idea a LOT more seriously! We’ve all seen that happen.

Our time, talent and treasure are valuable. But not to everyone. We should guard our valued assets, so THEY aren’t trampled upon – and neither are we. And when we feel led to serve someone, it is wise to first discern what’s valuable to THEM. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in guarding the pearls of our lives. 


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