Peace of Wisdom
Loss of a Loved One

By Andy Andrews

Suffering through the loss of a loved one can be devastating. 

Textbooks list the stages of grief in great detail, and while they aren’t wrong, it seems trite to reduce them to mere words on a page. Each stage is deeply personal – the whole process entirely unpredictable. 

Grief comes … and goes … and then suddenly, it’s there again – a familiar scent, a phrase, a piece of clothing, a song, a windy day… 

Sometimes, these insignificant things can spark a memory, nudging tears from dry eyes, as if the loss occurred yesterday. 

There is no forgetting.

But in grieving, we don’t really want to forget.  In fact, a fear common to many grieving people is wondering about whether or not others will remember the loved ones we’ve lost?

Do you know someone who’s recently suffered the loss of a loved one? Try asking specific questions about that person – invite them to share their memories. It’s something we tend to avoid, for fear of causing hurt, but trust me, they remember. And it’ll mean the world to them that you did, too.

I’m Andy Andrews…today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in encouraging those we love by remembering those they’ve lost.



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