Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Do opposites really attract? Many think so. Others don’t.  Of course, that just makes ME wonder if people who believe opposites attract and those who don’t believe that are attracted to each other.

In any case…When you see someone different from you…do you speak?  Do you ask how their day is going, or not? You can’t possibly have anything in common, right?

You might be surprised.

A young woman entered U.S. Army boot camp and vowed to herself that she’d stay far away from the recruit covered in tattoos. By graduation, she and her friend, the tattooed girl, hugged and wished one another the best for the future.

A young mechanic took an older, church-going man to his office to discuss his car’s repairs. The younger man was a fan of horror movies, evidenced by the memorabilia decorating his workspace. The older man when he entered was… well… horrified. Until he saw pinned among the movie posters the ultrasound picture of the mechanic’s unborn baby.

We can have diverse values. But in other ways, we’re not that different after all.

Knowing people of varied backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities will make you richer. They’ll be a blessing to you, and you’ll realize they made you a much better individual. They’ll teach you things you wouldn’t have learned without meeting them.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom comes from keeping an open mind about your opposites.


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