Peace of Wisdom
Personal Connections

By Andy Andrews

Do you realize how much the Internet has changed us? When we connect online, we can access an infinite amount of information, and see remote parts of the world that we might never see in person. 

We connect at great speeds over great distances. But all this connection online has led to greater disconnection in person

Don’t get me wrong… I value technology. Our online life skills courses are designed to foster discussion and connections between people – and they’re very successful! 

Online meetings, remote work and video presentations have their benefits – let’s be honest, they’re usually just easier. We don’t even have to smell good! All that’s required is to look decent from the waist up. Right now, my bottom half might just be in fuzzy pajamas! 😉

We chat with family online… even see them live on the screen. But nothing beats a hug

There’s a reason that one of the worst punishments is putting a person in isolation. We need human contact to thrive. We need interaction – in person. Technology is a great tool, but it isn’t always the best tool.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in remembering… the best personal connections are in-person connections.


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