Peace of Wisdom
Positive Attitude

By Andy Andrews

Author Victor Frankl wrote extensively about the horrible tragedies he underwent after being thrown into a Nazi concentration camp in 1942. 

He lost nearly all he held dear — his family, most of his friends, his life’s work – but one day he realized, the Nazis hadn’t quite stripped him of everything. The attitude with which he could choose to respond to his circumstances was still his. They couldn’t rob him of that. He realized he had the ability to find meaning in everything he faced, regardless how difficult the challenge. 

Today, you and I have that same ability. Often, we waste time complaining to anyone who’ll listen, consumed with bitterness over our circumstances, living in misery instead of choosing to accept and embrace our circumstances in a positive way.

What if, instead, we chose to respond to life’s hardships with grace and mercy, rather than bitterness and cruelty? It’s not always easy – it takes courage. 

“Our greatest freedom,” said Frankl, “is the freedom to choose our attitude.”

Those are powerful words coming from someone who suffered the unimaginable.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in having the courage to choose positive possibilities instead of negative ones. 

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  1. John Zink

    Thank you Andy

    Everyday when folks ask me how I am doing I routinely say Always Good some days Outstanding and in a few days Awesome because the weekend is just a few days away, There are to many complainers running around.


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