Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

How well do you bear up under the weight of responsibility? 

We all have responsibilities of some kinds or others.

Even children deal with responsibilities in the form of chores or help around the house!  

Responsibilities can often be tied to necessity…a thing that simply must be done and has been placed on our plate to do it.  

Some believe that the fewer their responsibilities, the happier their life.  But consistently fulfilling important responsibilities–especially for our families– brings satisfaction and contentment.  In addition, many of us thrive on routine, and routine is filled with responsibility.

It’s even possible to determine exactly how many responsibilities you have… Just get some paper and a pen…jot down everything that you have to do.  Knowing your responsibilities intimately can lessen stress and increase your sense of purpose. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in commitment to your responsibilities.


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  1. David and Shelley Hess

    Commitment to Responsibilities.

    So very fulfilling!

    Also a lifesaver, at times!!

    I particularly LOVE this one God given responsibility: to ENCOURAGE others, daily, with my heartfelt, honest, positive observations!!!

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