Peace of Wisdom
Take the Blame

By Andy Andrews

Some of the funniest comedians are the ones who use self-deprecating humor. They easily ‘own’ something we all relate to or know to be true from our own life experiences. 

For one uncomfortable moment we sense the awkward tension in relating too well to his or her observation, then suddenly burst into laughter realizing the ridiculousness in the things we do that they’ve pointed out.

On a personal level, owning something we’ve done wrong or taking the blame for a mistake can also go a long way in easing tension – almost like the release of that nervous laugh when we relate to a comedian’s story.  It releases the strain in a relationship or situation.

Sometimes it might be difficult to admit we’re wrong, if we’ve done something really egregious; and sometimes we may not get the desired response from the one we’ve offended.  We will undoubtedly NOT receive the uproarious laugh the comedian collects, but we CAN feel the relief of admitting our error, whether we redeem the spilled milk or fully mend the relationship or not.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in taking the blame for your mistakes.


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