Peace of Wisdom
Seeking Help

By Andy Andrews

Do you ever need help?

Whether it’s needing an afternoon off from the kids or being unsure of how to approach a problem at work, all of us need help sometimes. 

In the same way we advocate for the good of others, we should commit to doing the same for ourselves. After all, one can’t pour from an empty cup! There is no reward for being the MOST self-reliant person.

Though occasionally uncomfortable, by seeking help, we can better take care of ourselves and our loved ones. 

When asking for help we should first isolate our needs. Ask “What is it that would help me most?” Maybe you need a sitter so you can go to the grocery store alone, or maybe you and your spouse need a night out.  Be clear and outline the impact of the help you’re asking for. Then, graciously accept whatever help is given. 

There is a big world out there ready to help you live your best life, why not ask for it? It’ll make you all the more ready to help others. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in simply asking for help. 


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