Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Have you ever counted the hours you spent with the news or social media? Did you ever think it might affect your life balance, or that choosing to make time for other things could keep you healthy?

There are studies today that suggest too much television can cause brain damage or long term memory loss!  Actually, doing too much of anything could throw your life into imbalance. 

You may think that’s silly, but remember when you were a kid and had that creative freedom to come up with games? Going to the playground, and making it up as you went along? You probably do things a little differently now… that time might be spent working or watching TV, but soon you might choose to do something else.

Today, you can decide to take a walk with your thoughts, wander down a path you haven’t been on before… and go farther or longer than you had the previous day! You can balance your life on the inside to better your life on the outside.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in the ever moving teeter totter of life.



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