Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Have you ever felt like not doing what you knew was the right thing to do? What’s the harm if there’s nobody around to see you?

It’s not always easy or convenient to make the better choice.  One’s character determines what we do even when no one is watching.

Some people think if nobody sees them then there’s no consequences for whatever they’re doing. But it always catches up.

 If we will put forth the effort to do that which we know we should do, it will pay off dividends in time. One benefit is that we will have more peace of mind. We will be able to hold our heads high and look our fellow human beings in the eye. Because secrets make us fearful, We won’t have need to be afraid.

When you make deposits into your bank of character, you build a level of trust with people. This trust can open doors for you that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Warren Buffett has said that character is the determining factor when deciding whether or not to hire someone.

I’m Andy Andrews…

Today’s Peace of Wisdom comes from choosing to walk the road of character.


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