Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

How do you eat an elephant? It is said that you do it… one bite at a time.

But what if you have an elephant in front of you… and you just aren’t hungry for elephant?

We all experience times when it’s hard to find motivation to do certain things. It’s even more challenging when it’s a task we dislike. It’s a lot easier to do things that are fun to us. Often the hardest part is getting started.

So what’s stopping you from getting started? Is it fear? Name that fear and write it down.

Try connecting your tasks to a WHY. Your WHY should be bigger than you. Then TAKE ACTION. Your WHY will keep you going through the tedium.If you wait for motivation to come, it might never arrive!

If you haven’t already, may I recommend you read The Seven Decisions?

When faced with the choice of doing nothing or doing something, choose to act!

Today’s Peace of Wisdom comes from not waiting for motivation.


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