Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

An act of courage…is a lot like a leap of faith. 

Have you ever taken a leap of faith…one that seemed outside the boundaries of reason.  Would you consider yourself a courageous person?  

Even if you don’t, there will always be moments of opportunity for you to act courageously!

Your act of courage will most certainly include stepping outside your comfort zone.  In a way, that’s what courage is…  Are you prepared to do that?

Most people aren’t, and that’s okay for them, but I think for you…there is a willingness to live life on a higher plain. 

Why do you need courage? I mean, the cowardly lion needed it, but why do you? The answer is…simply, that an act of courage measures your ability to step up, meeting the winds of adversity face to face.   And life itself rewards those who do.  

In fact, living on a higher plain requires only that you step up.  

I’m Andy Andrews…

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in taking that leap of faith…and choosing to be courageous.


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