Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

The phone isn’t demanding a response.

Neither is email or text.

No music is playing and the television is off.


In these moments, why do most of us turn something on to fill the silence?  Even if we are aware we have done so, most of us probably don’t know why…

What you and I do know is that silence in our lives doesn’t happen very often.

You know, silence is interesting, and scientifically, here is what we know about about it:

Silence helps newly generated brain cells to differentiate into neurons, and integrate more quickly into the already functioning system.

Silence allows our brains to actively internalize and evaluate information without interruption.

Silence helps speed up our cognitive skills and it relieves stress and tension.

All this information can be found in published studies, but even if we read it, few of us would understand what it all means.  What we do know, however, is that when we embrace those rare moments of silence, our thoughts untangle, our minds become less cluttered, and our energy is somehow replenished. 

So, should we embrace tranquility, rather than filling it with noise?  Perhaps we could even plan some quiet time into our lives. 

Today, your Peace of Wisdom can be found in embracing silence.



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