Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Gloria Gaither once remarked… how we experience Christmas depends greatly on whether we approach it with a spirit of expectancy or a spirit of expectation.  This wise observation brings this question to mind:  How different would life be if we approached every day with the same attitude?

We aren’t born with a positive mindset pre-programmed into our psyche. Living with expectancy – with hope, or anticipation – is learned behavior. Living with expectancy is  living with intention. And despite popular belief to the contrary, there’s absolutely no power in intention unless we act upon it

There’s no difference in the person who intends to do things differently and doesn’t and the person who never thinks about it in the first place. 

Whatever you focus on, increases……When you focus on the things you need, you’ll find those needs increasing. If we live our lives expecting the worst, we just might get it. But the flipside is also true: if we live life with an attitude that anticipates the positive, one that approaches life with an attitude of hope and gratitude…it won’t be perfect, but it’ll be a lot more peaceful. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in living life with expectancy. 


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