Peace of Wisdom
Awareness of Others

By Andy Andrews

Quick question: what was the most recent thing you thought about? An errand you need to run today, a problem that needs solving? Whatever it was, chances were, you were thinking about yourself.

It’s human nature to constantly think about ourselves. Let’s face it: the only person you’re going to be stuck with for your entire life is you, so of course, you usually are thinking about yourself.

It can be difficult to take a step back and remember that, while you may be the main character in your story, you’re only a side character in someone else’s. Everyone around you has their own personal achievements and failures they are thinking about.

It’s important to get away from yourself and check up on the people around you. Asking your friends and family about things you know they care about will make them feel appreciated. In doing this, you’ll start a butterfly effect: the person you checked on will probably do the same for another person, because they will remember how you made them feel.

Today, your Peace of Wisdom can be found in an increased awareness of others.



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