Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Conventional thought might lead us to believe that resolutions or personal vows are too difficult to keep.   

A resolution or vow is a commitment (or promise) one has made to either engage in and maintain a new process or abstain from an old way of doing things. 

Many people believe that resolutions fail because of a lack of accountability.  And while it is certainly possible to create a system of accountability with another person or team, the most obvious person to whom we must be accountable is ourselves.  

Who benefits most when you honor a commitment you’ve made to yourself?  You!  You are always the greatest beneficiary of your own positive actions.  

When we have a task or a project to complete at work, we are accountable to our employer and our team. We are expected to fulfill our obligation without fail and there are consequences if we do not. 

In dealing with ourselves, however, there are no such outside consequences. If you’ve pledged to eat healthier, read more, exercise, or complete a project around the house that you have put off–other than a little guilt or regret, there is no punishment you inflict upon yourself for failing to fulfil that commitment.   

As a responsible person, you would never break a promise to someone else, right?  So the question becomes…can you keep a promise to yourself?  

Today, Your Peace of Wisdom can be found in personal accountability. 



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