Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Have you ever worked so hard at something that your behavior seemed to change?

Almost like you caused a bond to form between your normal everyday actions and the work ethic you developed?

That is called diligence.

If you perform your responsibilities in a diligent way, it shows you care about what you’re doing. 

That displays a great work ethic…caring enough to act in such a way that demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond the average effort.

There are a lot of euphemisms and old sayings that grasp this concept fairly well, but none are quite like the word diligent.

You can become diligent….and you can inspire those around you to greater diligence.  Your hard work and determination is a model for others.  

To work diligently so that others might follow suit will create a butterfly effect of monumental proportions.  In fact, I believe we could say that by acting differently in this world… you could create a world of difference.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in diligence.



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