Peace of Wisdom
Give Up Your Need to Be Right

By Andy Andrews

PICTURE THIS:  A friend is driving the two of you to lunch. He turns down a road you know will result in a longer trip.  You mention there’s a better way to go, but he thinks his way is best.  

You have a choice. You can provide data and facts until he confesses he is wrong.  Or, you can give up your need to be right.  

Die to self a little. 

Step into a new level of maturity.  

Let the moment pass without engaging in a debate. 

Knowing the truth for yourself will always hold a greater reward than arguing until the other person agrees.  

If there’s no long-term benefit, digging in and justifying your position is an unnecessary waste of time, energy, and emotion. No one wins. 

Proving your point may bring short term satisfaction, but often results in long-term loneliness.

And…what happens if you get heated, tell him how you’ve been driving these roads for 20 years, plot the two courses, and wave it under his nose – only to discover the path you wanted to take was closed for construction? 

Not having to say “I was wrong” is a pretty great reward for simply holding your tongue. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in giving up your need to be right.



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