Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

You and I have a choice today—a choice we’ll make in a series of seconds as, one after another, we encounter other people.

Will we pay attention and take action? Or will we ignore an opportunity, and miss—well, maybe miss the chance to save a life? 

A wise man once said, “wherever there’s a human being, there’s an opportunity for a kindness”… it costs nothing but our full attention.

Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer for Yahoo, once visited an employee just to let him know how much he appreciated the job he was doing. 

A few days later, the young man showed up to his office with an elaborate gift—an X-box.  Turns out, the day Sanders had stopped in to see him was the day the man had planned to take his own life.  But Sanders’ visit made him realize someone cared.  So he took the pistol he was going to use to a local pawn shop…and traded it for the X-Box.

How can we make a difference today? 

Maybe it’s holding the door for someone, or returning the grocery cart for someone else. Perhaps it’s buying a meal for a homeless person, or a word of encouragement to a spouse or friend.

Big or small, an act of kindness often takes only a few seconds of your time…

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in choosing kindness. 


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