Peace of Wisdom
Recharging Our Batteries

By Andy Andrews

Have you ever been away from home and realized you forgot to charge your phone? What about yourself – have you ever felt like you forgot to charge your own battery before leaving home for the day?

Every day we experience events that collectively drain any power we have left in our internal batteries – that place where energy is stored for activities that involve our body and mind.

You may normally think this is just when you get tired, but not always.

In fact, your battery may be drained after prolonged social situations. 

Maybe work was extra tough that day, or the stresses of the holidays are weighing you down.

Whatever it is – it slowly depletes the little bit of energy you do have.

Like a battery, give yourself time to recharge.

Determine what gives you energy – both mentally and physically.

If it’s sleep, set your alarm and grab a quick nap. 

If you’re hungry, eat a meal – you’ll thank yourself later. When your battery is full, you’re better prepared to tackle your day.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found the moment you’re done charging.


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