Peace of Wisdom
The Advantage of Disadvantage

By Andy Andrews

Have you ever been in fog so thick you couldn’t see the road ahead? It’s not pleasant, but there’s a valuable life lesson to be learned from the experience. 

Next time you’re in this situation, find a safe place to stop, silence any noise, and just sit and enjoy the moment. There’s something eerily beautiful about not being able to see what lies ahead. 

In a world where most of us are inundated with busyness, you’re forced – if only for a quiet moment – to stop and focus intently on what’s right in front of you. 

Life is much the same – we cannot know what beauty lies ahead, or what tomorrow’s limitations may be. 

But we can focus passionately on right now…today…with renewed purpose and intensity. 

Rather than worrying about what is unknown or unseen, choose to stop, silence the noise and the chaos, and focus intently on the present. In doing so, everything becomes more meaningful – not in spite of the unknown, but because of it. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in focusing on today instead of worrying about tomorrow. 



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