Peace of Wisdom
The Butterfly Effect

By Andy Andrews

Recently, I saw a stunning photograph posted by a Virginia Wildlife photographer in which she managed to capture the breath of a red-winged blackbird while singing during the dead of winter. The caption read, “when it’s cold enough to see the melody.” 

It was the Audubon Society’s Grand Prize winner  in 2019 – and gave visibility to the familiar song of the species.

I love watching animals and I often take my camera into the woods.  I also follow several wildlife photographers online… but this shot was unique. It immediately reminded me of The Butterfly Effect, and how – though we’re rarely aware of it – every action we take has the potential to impact others in unimaginable ways. 

Our words, once spoken, are like the vapor from the bird in that incredible photo. Once spoken–whether encouraging or angry–they can never be unsaid. 

I like the way Mother Teresa explained it. “Kind words,” she said, “can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in remembering that every action we take…every word we speak…regardless how insignificant it may seem…matters. Forever. 



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  1. Marcy Taylor

    I love the Peace of Wisdom! We have to always be aware of what we say because you can never take it back. So true!

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