Peace of Wisdom
The Gift of Desperation

By Andy Andrews

Desperation can be frightening, but have you ever thought of it as a gift?

It’s an uncomfortable feeling, but desperation usually spurs extreme behavior or decisions–not all of them bad! 

Have you ever been so desperate you would do anything to change your circumstances? 

Can’t go to your dead-end job for one more day? Having trouble grieving a loss and need help? Upset that none of your clothes fit? 

When you’re in a situation that feels unbearable – meaning it unequivocally cannot stay the same – you make a change. 

This can be relieving because the choice to change has been made – now comes action. 

It can be scary and necessary at the same time. 

Try to remain calm and in touch with your rational self. What’s the best decision you can make from here?

Don’t dwell on a lack of options… instead be grateful your path is clear. 

Get excited about the new opportunities this could bring! Keep a beginner’s attitude and observe the transformation. 

Focus on what this shift in behavior has taught you. Can you apply the positive aspects to other parts of your life?

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in using desperation as a gift to guide you to the next right thing. 


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