Peace of Wisdom
Trust: Bridges

By Andy Andrews

Have you ever built a bridge? I’m sure you have.  After all, a personal connection IS a bridge.

It’s a bridge that represents trust between yourself and others.

Trust is a critical life force and there is no law that makes it permanent. Trust can be broken, lost, or burned.  It can also be maintained.  Or it can be made stronger.  

Strengthening trust is done with the mindset of building bridges.  You always want to be in the mindset of building bridges.

The lyrics to the song “Building Bridges” was written by one of Wisdom Harbour’s captains, Gloria Gaither.  

Let’s build a bridge;
Where walls once stood;
I like to reach you if I could;
Stone by stone, let’s make it strong;
We’ve been apart for way too long.

You build from your bank, I’ll build from mine;
Will reach each other in no time;
And when we do there will be a way;
To make the crossing any day.

We need to remember that building bridges forms strong connections.  And the stronger the connection, the greater the trust.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in the consistency of building trust.  



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