Peace of Wisdom
Filling in the Cracks

By Andy Andrews

Filling in the cracks

Do you regard your life as having been well lived?

Do you feel fulfilled? 

While you think about the answer to that question, consider what might make you feel that way.  

Are you contemplating the family trip you wish you’d taken last year. Maybe you should’ve painted the garage?

Whatever the answer…. wherever the answer is…Do you feel compelled to act?

The urge, the want, the necessity…will THAT give you the fulfillment you need?

That is, by the way, exactly how you should feel when determining what might complete the masterpiece that will one day be called YOU. 

When we spot cracks in our foundations, we tend to ask ourselves “HOW can I fill these cracks?” Instead, we should be asking ourselves, “With what materials do I fill these cracks? Should I use temporary devices that are easy to employ, will work for a time, and slow down the sinking of my vessel?  Or do I fill the cracks in my foundation with things and moments of lasting value.

Simple, right? But not always easy.  It takes an attention to detail.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in choosing what lasts.


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