Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Happiness as a feeling is often the outcome of a decision to be grateful.  It seems that most everyone strives to be happy each day, but few recognize the relationship between the happy feeling we seek and the grateful spirit that must be unleashed for it to occur. 

If we have to hope things are a certain way for us to be happy, we will rarely be happy! Instead, because your perspective allows you to see things the way you choose, you can choose gratitude and in turn, happiness.

While things are rarely perfectly ideal and life is full of mundane or difficult situations, we sometimes need that perspective in order to be genuinely grateful.  For instance, though you might be tempted to worry about next month’s financial situation, you can also choose to take notice of the fact that your family has a roof over their heads today and enough to eat today.  Then remember that there will be more than a billion people on the planet tonight who will go to bed without either.  

Today, your Peace of Wisdom can be found in the gratitude you choose becoming the happiness you feel. 


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