Peace of Wisdom
Responsible Risk Taking

By Andy Andrews

Would you go skydiving without a parachute? Of course not – unless you want to go SKY DYING!

It can be empowering to take risks. We experience the power of faith and courage. We grow stronger and gain much. 

It’s been said that “great risk brings great reward,” but a wise person also considers the cost… and any possible collateral damage. This is called “risk management.” 

I heard about a couple who mortgaged their house to start a business. Theirs was a quick decision made on faith, and… a feeling. Acting on impulse and emotion can sometimes work out, but when it comes to mortgaging a house to start something you know nothing about…the possibility of collateral damage is just too great.

This couple didn’t seek wise counsel. They had no plan, and worse, no safety net. They were like skydivers with no parachutes! Fortunately, they didn’t die. Their business idea failed; but eventually, they were able to rebuild what they had lost. That’s a lesson learned the hard way.  Of course you can learn the same lesson the easy way…by remembering their story and not repeating their actions. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in considering the cost… and what might be lost… before you take a risk. 


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