Peace of Wisdom
Teachable Moments

By Andy Andrews

What does it mean to be teachable? Is it a willingness to learn?

Does it mean you allow your experiences to teach you a valuable lesson?

In a practical sense, it means there is never one answer to a problem – which means over the course of your life, you’ll be presented with an infinite stream of opportunities that could teach you something.

You may have learned there is no one way to a promotion – that innovation and creativity can mean many different things, especially to your employer.

What about a flat tire? The lesson of needing a spare becomes very obvious after the first time it happens, right?

Moments like these offer an abundance of lessons we can learn.

As a person who persists in the all encompassing education the world offers, teachable moments will become apparent everywhere you go!

So ask yourself this: When was the last time life offered me a chance to be educated?

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be taught, so long as we are willing to learn.


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