How Do I Overcome Doubt?

I think doubt is the “big booger bear” of our lives. Doubt is like the thing that’s under the bed at night. That’s the monster we were scared of when we were kids.

How Does One Identify a Principle Versus a Platitude?

The easiest way to explain the difference is that a principle works every time. A platitude sounds good and they can be funny sometimes. But curiously, one of the most popular quotes in history is this quote about, “People will not always remember what you do, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel.”

Is There a Trick to Becoming More Productive?

I think there is a trick to becoming more productive because I think becoming more productive is a mental game. It’s the difference in a question. Can you be more productive? Will you be more productive? See those are two very different questions.

What’s the #1 Leadership Quality?

Wouldn’t you think there are probably 10 different things you can make a case for being the most important leadership quality of them all? As I think about this, I keep going back to servanthood.

How Is Fear Used in Our Lives?

Fear is used to keep you from falling off a cliff. If you realize you’re getting more and more fearful as you get closer and closer to this cliff, it should be a clue to you: get away from the cliff.

How Can I Find a Jones in My Life?

I really believe that we get according to how generously we give. I don’t mean that in the financial way – I’m saying that as our generosity of spirit flows from us, many times we find that coming back two, five, tenfold, from other areas.

At its basis, is life after all just a lottery ticket?

Seems like a cynical question, but it’s certainly a question I had at one time in my life. When my parents died and I made some bad moves and ended up living under a pier, I remember asking a version of that question – “Is life, just a lottery ticket?

Setting Goals…Important or Dangerous?

Well the answer of course is, yes. Setting goals, it is an important process. It is important to put a mark ahead of you, to put a carrot out there to know where you’re going. But everybody knows that setting goals are important.